Energy, Strategy, Creativity and Technology

The EC, founded in 1998, is one of Sweden’s leading marketing and event companies.  We are your total marketing supplier guided by our keywords: energy, strategy, creativity and technology.  Based on your needs and circumstances, we create unique events to convey your message. No inquiry is too big or too little. We cater to all types of businesses and activities.  We offer everything from complete solutions that include all aspects of an event such as transportation, housing, techniques, artists and coordination to acting as your agent by booking individual artists or technical equipment.

EC arranges approximately 700 events annually.  In order to ensure quality and increase cost-effectiveness, we work with documented processes.  We have broad in-house expertise using our own staff to the greatest extent possible.   Thus, we are clearly accountable for producing the entire event.  In order to produce top-notch quality events in all shapes and sizes, we have invested considerably in techniques concerning sound, light and pictures.  We are always on the cutting edge of technology concerning the latest trends and equipment.  We offer our customers security by running, owning and coordinating events.

Naturally, we regularly create events for anniversaries, galas, openings etc.  However, thoroughness is the strength of our cooperation.  We help our customers with everything from strategic planning to implementation.   We evaluate the event to be sure that we’ve achieved the result you want.  We work not only from start to finish but from start to quantitative and qualitative evaluation.   Since all inquiries and assignments are equally important, we also assist customers with minor things and bookings such as providing a piano, removable car decals, printed giveaways, successful after work events, and booking tables and tickets as well as everything else needed on short notice.

CEO Nisse Bielfeld

With nearly 20 years of experience and thousands of successful events behind us, we know what it takes to succeed.