EC Business

EC is a unique marketing partner.  We are a total supplier with many years of experience combining long-term marketing strategies with creative layout/design along with technical expertise.  Additionally, our well established cooperation with many of Sweden’s greatest artists, publishers, art directors, copywriters, filmmakers and production companies makes us an optimal partner.

We bring fresh marketing perspectives and ideas, everything from creating marketing strategies and clarifying messages to generating enthusiasm and increasing employee, customer, and supplier commitment.

EC builds brands that customers and employers want to be part of.

We know that we must earn the opportunity to be part of your life.  This requires purposefulness, long-terms strategies and keen responsiveness.   It’s important to create a motivating, common thread  emphasizing  a sense of participation and targeted  communication.  We help you to clarify, prioritize and simplify your messages.

Curious? Want to know more?

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