EC Retail

Targeting shopping malls, EC Retail produces completely unique events that increase customer flow.  We increase sales by creating innovative happenings, refining proven concepts, and designing attractive surroundings including displays.  Additionally, the shopping mood is enhanced by memorable experiences, artists, entertainment, fashion shows, children’s activities etc.  Thus, we promote shopping and strengthen brands.

Gain customers by booking simple single events, complex big events and/or anything in between depending on your needs.   We often assist companies with annual marketing plans that increase sales at your shopping center.  Continuous communication with mall management, stores, custodians and other personnel lead to valuable planning and carrying out all events during the year.  Together we create routine cost-effective procedures.

Choices range from giving out balloons or passing out quiz coupons which could win prizes such as attending expensive fashion shows, gala openings, sale discount events, book signings or anniversaries.

During the years, we have developed concepts, cooperated with many  suppliers, and added finishing touches on everything that’s important for this particular market.  We quantify the results.

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