Lighting Displays

Lighting creates feelings and affects our attitude differently in different settings.  The right lighting puts audiences in a good mood, increasing customer flows and sales.  EC designs, sells and creates smart, effective lighting displays.

EC always strives to maximize the return on your investment. This is especially true of investments in seasonal lighting displays for building owners and shopping centers, particularly during the Christmas season. Through LED lighting techniques, effective installation solutions, conspicuous design and innovative ideas, we raise our customers’ lighting displays to new heights.

We manage everything including planning, digital sketches, transportation, installation and project management.   Modern, efficient lighting displays and smart installation solutions are often cost-effective in the long run, thus resulting in low cost.
We create a theme which takes into account the site’s tradition and history. We also consider the existing lighting display and, to the greatest extent possible, try to reuse and integrate its remaining usefulness.  Our plans include discarding and sorting worn out lighting display so that everything fits into place for reuse and the natural circulation cycle.

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